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New technologies are emerging all the time. Understanding how to use new technology or save time with tools that are available to you can help you at both work and home. We love providing training sessions that help you live a more comfortable and productive life.

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Learn about a variety of tools & technology

Each year, the Chester County Library applies for grants with the State of TN to enable us to hire instructors for a variety of technology classes.

Once COVID19 hit, the Chester County Library began working with instructors to record the technology training so that these could be available all the time for our patrons. Each year, we plan on adding more training to the library.

In addition to each training video we offer, any materials that were offered during the course are available as a PDF file. Don’t have internet access at home?

Call the library and schedule a time to view the previous technology training on one of our computers or laptops!

*If you’d prefer to sign up for an upcoming technology training over the phone, you can call the library at 731-989-4673.