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We know that everyone can’t attend every technology training they’d like to attend. So we record the trainings and make sure they’re available to you later to watch at your leisure. We also make sure you have access to the materials used in the in-person training so you have everything you need. Our previous technology trainings are listed below.

How to Use the Online Catalog- Detailed

How to Use the Libby App

Email Basics & How To's

Google Drive Overview

Getting Started in Gmail

How to find an email in Gmail

Organizing Gmail Inbox

How to send an email

Word Basics

Basic Tasks in Word

Powerpoint Basics

Powerpoint Basics

How to Print Pictures from a Computer

How to Print Pictures in Windows 10

Printing from a Computer Quick Guide

Excel Basics

Basics in Excel

Intro to Excel

Internet Safety for Children

Internet Safety for Children

How to Distinguish Fake News on Facebook

10 Ways to Spot Fake News Articles

Recommended Sites for Fact Checking

How to Spot Fake News

Publisher Basics

Publisher Basics

Google Docs Basics

Google Docs Basics

How to Create a Newsletter

Internet Safety for Adults and Senior Citizens

Internet Safety for Adults

Internet Safety for Seniors

Learning Libby: Tips and Tricks

Intro to TEL