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There are many ways that you can search for literature both in our library and through other sources. We also have other resources to share that will help you keep your family safer and prepare for college entrance exams or a new career.

Locate Literature

Our electronic library resources can help you find literature either in our library or through different kinds of searches so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Family Friendly

We have resources available for families that range from safety to educational and career prep so the whole family can maintain schooling requirements or prep for the next step.

Locate Literature

Fantastic Fiction

Explore fiction and discover stories that would interest you. Fantastic Fiction helps you locate books that will help you keep track of your book wish list and discover new authors that you’ll love.

Woman reading a book and drinking coffee
Someone searching on a laptop

Libby App

Want to check out e-books or audiobooks online? You will love the Libby App! Download the Libby app through the google play store, apple store on a phone, desktop computer, or tablet. We also have a short video showing you how to use the Libby app! All you need is a library card!

*Watch this short video to learn how to use this helpful app

Literature Map

Literature Map is a resource that helps you find authors similar to an author that you like. Simply type in an author’s name and it will create a map of similar authors. The authors closest to the center are going to be the most similar. 

Literature Map image for Stephen King search

Family Friendly

Literacy & Language at Home

When homeschooling your children, literacy and language resources can help you make sure your child is gaining valuable literacy skills and keep you in compliance with foreign language requirements. See the different resources below that can help you educate your children.

Children working on educational computer programs
Woman and son on computer

TN Electronic Library

Free resources for Tennesseans that include homework help, test prep resources, career tools, and genealogy are available through the TN Electronic Library.

Common Sense Media

Keep an eye on what your kids are reading and watching by checking out reviews before they get into it. You can also get age-based recommendations for different types of media.

Family watching a movie
College student studying

Test Prep, College Readiness, & Career Development

Help students in your community turn future goals into realities with test prep assistance for career certification exams, as well as, advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing and networking, and so much more.  Click here to see the 2021 Fall Course List.

Keeping Your Children Safe

We know that using the Internet can pose a safety issue to children because of the materials that can be found online and the behavior of people who are hiding behind an anonymous profile. So we’ve put together some information and guidelines that can help you keep your children safe while they’re learning how to navigate the online world.

Internet safety tips for children