Wrapping Things Up

It’s Been a


I really enjoyed working on this project for you! This page is intended to make it easy for you to rewatch your training video, ask for support, and help you celebrate the work we’ve done together.


Your training video recording as well as any other tidbits that can help you use and maintain your new website are here.


I’ve got you covered for 30 days past our training date so if you need any help with your website, it’s easy to reach out.


Your website underwent quite the transformation! Let’s celebrate the hard work we put into it!


Your Training Recording

Our training session was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. You can watch it below or share it with anyone else who will be working on the website.

(Reminder: You can speed up or slow down the video by clicking the little gear icon and then changing the Playback Speed. Speeding it up is helpful to get through lots of talking between demonstrations. Slowing it down is helpful when you’re trying to follow along and do a task on your website yourself.) 

Divi Content Structure

The Divi content structure is important to understand because some of the elements are strictly for layout and some are strictly for content.

Sections and rows are the SPACE and LAYOUT for the content. The modules are the actual content that is displayed on the page in the layout/style dictated by the sections and rows.

Additional benefits flyer for SNAP


30 Days of Support

To support you as you learn how to use and update your new website, you get 30 days of free email support from me. It’s easy to ask for support – all you have to do is fill out this form!

Your 30 days of free support end on November 15, 2021. 

I will get back in touch with you to either clarify your request or with a solution within 1 business day.

If you find that you need help maintaining your website, I can help you with a monthly maintenance agreement where you’ll get 1 hour of support per month for just $75. If you feel like you need that support, you can sign up for it by clicking the button below.

Request Support During Your 30 Free Days

2 + 15 =

Reminder About Updating Plugins

Remember that the place to update plugins is from the Updates page instead of the Plugins page. 

The Updates page will show you if a plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress. 

**Also remember to NEVER update WordPress manually. Any critical update will be done for you and should be seamless.

Young girl with cow


Let’s take a moment to look at the transformation your website underwent! Your Before and After images are below.



Share With Your Followers!

The image below was created in Canva. You can use it to share your news with your followers on social media or in emails.

*Just right-click on the image and then click “Save Image As” to save the image to your computer so you can share it.

If you’d prefer to change it up a bit, click the button below the image to go to the template in Canva where you can make it your own!

Bye For Now!

I’d like to thank you one more time for putting your business in my hands. I appreciate the trust you placed in me and I hope the process felt as smooth and joyful for you as it did for me!

If you would like to connect with me on social media or get in touch for any reason, my contact info is below.

As you most likely know, referrals and words from happy customers make growing an online business much easier, so I’d be absolutely thrilled if you spread the word about our work together and/or provide me with a quote I could use on my website or on social media in the feedback form below.

You can send people my way through any of the channels below and fill out a feedback form by clicking the button.

Again, it was an honor partnering with you on this project!

Email Me!