Chester County Library
Special Needs Information

Here is our library!  We have two handicap spots
right out front. 

 This is our drop box.  You can return books and movies here when we are closed.


 Return books here.

This is our busy, sometimes messy, circulation      desk.  This is where we check out the books           and movies you have chosen to borrow.  
Be sure you get a receipt!


 This is our reading area.  Chairs can be moved to accomodate wheelchairs.

 Here are our movies.  They are mostly DVDs, but some are videos.


 This is our juvenile fiction section.  We have classics, new graphic novels, and plenty of
Harry Potter, too.

 This is our juvenile biography section.


 This is our juvenile nonfiction section.

 This is our audiobook section.


 Here are our easy readers and picture books.  
We even have tables and chairs sized just right for coloring.  And, yes, the crayolas and blank pictures are there, too.

 This is our new color printer/scanner and our public access computers. Each computer station is wheelchair accessible.


       This is the door leading to our restrooms.  They are equipped with handicap stalls and the hallway is spacious, too.

This is our card catalog.  
You can look for the materials that interest you.            


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